The Death of DRM

The big news is that Apple and EMI may be dropping Digital Rights Management. In case you are wondering DRM is the worst thing ever — it makes everything it touches crappy. If you are unlucky enough to have Windows Vista it is what a lot of your OS was designed to enhance. If you buy music on iTunes it is what forces you to authorize each computer that plays your music. If you do just about anything with a computer it is the thing that makes things either slightly (or pants-kickingly) difficult.

eliminate drmNot too long ago Steve Jobs wrote an open letter trash talking DRM (he’s a bit late to the party[1][2][3][4], but a welcome addition). Now Mac Rumors is reporting that it is very likely that EMI music will get rid of DRM. Personally, DRM-less music what would get me buying music from iTunes— and I am sure that I’m not alone here. It’s a bit early, but if this is a signal that folks are finally starting to understand the dangers of DRM then it’s time to break out the noise makers.