Some Chess 2.0 release candidate 3

My fingers are crossed… it looks like this might be the last (or near the last) version of Some Chess before it is a full release. I’ve been working on Some Chess for almost a year now, and while I can see places to improve I have to say that I am pleased with the progress from the first version to what will be version 2.0

A big thanks to the folks that have helped Some Chess along the way.
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    Changes for this version

  • fixed broken player stats
  • fixed issue where a person could make a move in another person’s game
  • fixed bug where very long usernames would mess up table on “view players” page
  • fixed “view game” bug where capturing/promoted pawns broke functionality
  • fixed scrambled board display in “view game” for IE
  • fixed bug where checkmate was sometimes incorrectly identified
  • optimized some code
  • added “snazzy borders” to some dialogs