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iLAS iconHey people, iLAS is back and better than ever… seriously, I know it isn’t amazing, but it can still be “better than ever.” It’s better because I fixed it up. There might be a couple more things getting tossed in soon, but I vow to keep iLAS as simple & basic as possible. I mean, it just uses Lame to make mp3’s using iTunes so how complicated does it need to be? The only known Bad News™ is that things won’t work right if you don’t have “Copy files to iTunes music folder…” checked off. But that isn’t so bad, and it is what might get fixed soon. Anyway…

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  • there shouldn’t be anymore of the “jlink” business
  • you can make up whatever crazy genre you’d like, iLAS doesn’t care

14 thoughts on “iLAS 1.0beta

  1. K' says:

    Thank you!!

    However, for a reason I don’t see the scrip icon at the top of iTunes? Weird. NO? I went to my user/Library/iTunes/ and I only saw the iTunes Plug in folder not the script folder… please help…

  2. K' says:

    Thank you!!!

    Now, is working fine. Thank you for build this Lame App for mac user and fix the tagging issue. Although, it will be awesome to incorportate more add-on into iLas like:


    in future releases…..

  3. Anton says:

    Hi and thanx for this app. But it have problems with german letter like ö, ü and ä. And with russian/cyrillic letters to. Id like to use this app as an alternative to itunes-lame because of the problem with id3 tags, but i cant, beacause of the problem with id3 tags:) I hope you can improve it. thanx and best regards, anton

  4. K' says:


    I gave you a rush response before, I’m still having problems with iLas. When I rip a CD and click in the LAMED playlist the song are gone. They dissapeared for not reason. So I tried to look by doing “reveal in finder” option and the ripped songs are locate in iLas Cache folder????? weird… Help Please….

  5. sprote says:

    Thanks for fixing both the ‘jlink’ path issue and the authenticated install (in the 0.9 release, installing as a standard error failed with no clear reason; I had to switch to an admin account and then copy the files back to the standard user).

    Now however, as K says, ILAS encodes the LAME files in ~/Library/Caches/iLAS and adds those to the Lamed playlist in iTunes. But when it finishes the playlist, it appears to clear the Caches folder, without copying them to the main iTunes Library folder. Even Spotlight can’t find any trace of them. So after the import, you end up with simply a playlist of broken links to cache files that no longer exist. Why not simply import the files to the iTunes Library tree directly, avoiding the Caches stage completely? Why even have the Lamed playlist?

    (Incidentally, the direct URL to ILAS on this site still points to the 0.9 version.)

  6. K' says:

    Any Solution so far guys… Great app. Sir are you working in iLas version 1.1 or something …

    Thank you,,


  7. Dave says:

    Version .9 never worked for me but 1.0b did…

    Until after running DiskWarrior. (At least that’s the only thing I remember doing that might affect iLas) Now I get the same error message I got with .9.

    Can’t init outfile ‘/Users/dave/Library/Caches/iLas/In The Presence Of Enemies Pt. 1- 1. Prelude / 2. Resurrection.mp3’ (255)

    I Uninstalled iLas, downloaded the latest (still 1.0b) , reinstalled and got the same error.

    Also, Preferences is greyed out, and when I click on About it says version .9 while if I Get Info on the app Icon it says 1.0b.

    But it did work great for a while.

    Thanks for the effort, hope this info helps.


  8. Dave says:


    Ah ha! It’s the punctuation. iLas dosen’t like song titles with the character “/” in them. This is a problem for fans of progressive metal, prog. rock, classical, and various kinds of electronica; like me. Perhaps the titles could be stored in an array while the files are encoded using numerical file names. The final mp3 could be renamed back to it’s original title from the array. This could also solve some other title anomalies (try encoding some Blue Öyster Cult)

    Hope this helps,


  9. Seth Schneer says:

    Hey, great app. However, you seem to be lacking UTF-8 support, as anything that’s a non-ISO American character is all messed up. Also, multithread it! that’s probably one of the reasons you liked iTunes-Lame so much…

  10. Rob O says:

    I tried running this on my intel macbook running leopard but when i opened I got an error saying it wasn’t supported for my architecture. Update please?

  11. That Guy says:

    I too encountered the problem with ‘/’ characters & noticed that the version in about did not get updated.

    Great script though, thanks!

  12. chuck e. cheeze says:

    we seriously need an update. ilas does not work on itunes 8.1. i had to downgrade to 8.0.2. itunes-lame is in fact LAME and max is weird and never gets any album info online so i’m not typing in all that crap for each cd. and now other websites are talking poo on this program because of lack of updates. let them know, yo. raise your fist.

    btw, after creating a “script” for this, where do you place it?

    UPDATE!!!!! please? thank you.

  13. chuck e. cheeze says:

    is this dude dead? where’s the updates? who’s blocking jimmy?? cmon on yo, we need a reworking. dont get all crazy on us. back to the playaz ball. we aint never not seen tha actual “1.0b”. dont lie yo or we’ll regulate on u, honkie.

    the big mouse

    p.s. eat ma pizza.

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