Aqua OpenOffice Around the Corner

Well, it’s slightly old news but the day mac users see an aqua version OpenOfice is getting closer. The timeline that was updated on 2007, March 24th, says we’ll be seeing the earlier version soon.

May 2007

  • Present a downloadable public Aqua version, working as alpha (not complete, with missing features to be implemented later)
  • Start QA using user’s feedback

Yeah, April is only like half over and the alpha could be out in late May, but it is closer. I’ve been wanting a nice aqua-ed version of OpenOffice since 2002. To my chagrin early efforts to bring OpenOffice to a wide (non-x11) Mac community were abandoned, but now the new effort is in full swing.

There is still a bunch to do, but I am eager to get in line and test the alpha.  For those less willing to have “fun” with an alpha, a beta is due by the end of the year… which is still a ways away, but at least it looks like it will really happen this time!

OpenOffice is great, making it work on a mac how you’d expect will be amazing.