Some Chess 2.0 release candidate 2

Out today, Some Chess 2.0 rc2. This brings Some Chess one step closer to a final version.

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    Changes for this version

  • users created by importing pgn no longer appear on the players page
  • fixed problems with example_config.php file (Sorry!)
  • fixed a bug that broke the move notification email
  • fixed what I hope is the last checkmate bug
  • fixed broken chess board display in Internet Explorer (Sorry again!)
  • fixed bug that broke the Currently Online function
  • fixed urls on the help page (thanks David!)
  • fixed issue where auto-install/update failure message resulted in blank screen for some browsers
  • fixed issue where notation would fail to add the check “+” notation to pawns that capture and promote at the same times as putting a player in check (yeah, kind of rare)
  • added alt attribute to user image img element so menu is valid xhtml again
  • added “review” button to board screen (move-by-move replay)
  • added “random” as choice for piece color
  • added a bit to the French locallization (help!)
  • about page & players page are now valid xhtml
  • “deleted” players just removed from the list of players, they are no longer deleted from the DB