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Some Chess 2.0 release candidate 1

some chess piece (knight)Some Chess release candidate 1 (my php chess program) is out now. From here on it should only be minor bug fixes. Localizations are needed, both updates and new ones. The French localization is terrible and half-done (I did it, so I can say that). The Spanish & Brazilian-Portuguese localizations need updating. I haven’t heard back from anyone else so all other languages are needed.

Speaking of bugs…. there is a tiny annoying one already. It breaks the Currently Online function. I’ve fixed it in the code, but don’t want to release another version so quickly. To fix it yourself find and replace “$now” with “date(YmdHi)” (no quotes for either of them) in the file menuPanel.php Sorry about the sloppy job there folks.

There will probably be new features in Some Chess 2.5, but at this point I want to focus only on bugs. Adding means more code to maintain and more code that could be buggy, but slow down the march towards 2.0

What I’m most happy about is finally getting rid of the old piece images and making my own. They aren’t so amazing that they are gonna break anyone’s eyes, but they work well I think. The demo as always is online for folks to see how it works.