A Place to Live

I now have my very own place to live in Seattle. They would never say it, but I am sure Travis & Monica are relieved to be relieved of their hosting duties. My new place is on 15th Ave and E Union Street. The building is from the early 1900’s but is in very good shape. The cons are a weird heating system, 1950’s frig, and one of those damn tiny stoves. But the apartment has more nice things than un-nice things. The kitchen is newish and has two cabinets with leaded glass doors as well as a place for a kitchen table; there is a huge closet, full bath, and a build in dresser. The windows are new and most of the utilities are included— I’m satisfied.

Now I need to occupy this little space with things. After spending an entire paycheck at IKEA I still need to at least get a sofa, but I think I have the under control. The plan is to find a used one. I’m clearly a genius.


2 thoughts on “A Place to Live

  1. Boobie Butternuts says:


    congrats on the new pad thai. I’m glad the kitchen is accomodating…that’ll give you plenty o space to make Seattle’s largest (and most delicious) Apple Crisp (go ahead, say the phrase a few times to yourself…in your head, out loud, sub-vocalized…it’s so appealing…APPLE CRISP…I like to extend the S and bite down hard on the final P.)…oh, and I’ll mail you some Land O Lakes when i think of it…(which might be never, mind you).

    and lastly, may there forever be poloroids where you least suspect them…

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