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That's One Heck of a Market You Farmers Have

the glassesToday I went to not one but TWO farmer’s markets. The first was in Fremont, which is famous for it’s Lenin statue and rocket. But to me it is famous for getting me these free frames which I might use once my current glasses need to be replaced. It’s a longer story than worth telling, but I will say this: it pays to agree with the guys selling things. The second farmer’s market was in Ballard, which is a place I’ve been to a few times now and liked each time.

The main difference between the two markets is that Fremont’s was more of a flea market, with lots of furniture and neat pieces of junk with a bit of produce thrown in, while Ballard was entirely things that you can eat or grow (food and flowers). Both places had musicians working off to the side, but Fremont’s were slightly crazy while Ballard’s were folky. Monica and I got a good sub from a shop and then some really good veggies. I bought a couple Asian pears (also known as a nashi pear) which I love, but they’re not ripe enough to eat yet. I suspect they will be delicious as the rest of the food from the good ol’ farmer’s market.

nice flowersthey are friendlylettucei kind of like this one