Siri is Kind of a Jerk

Siri isn't always a good friend. There have already been well documented yo mama jokes. And sometimes Siri just won't let things go. I don't know why, but at some point Siri started asking me about my wife (I'm single). Read more [...]

2012 Year of the Dragon Clip Art

Here's a little dragon I whipped up for a New Year's email I sent out to folks. It was in Illustrator. Nothing special, but it was fun. Feel free to use it in accordance with the Creative Common License I use on this site (see sidebar). Read more [...]

A Fix for when InDesign Split Columns Doesn't Work

Thanks to David at InDesign Secrets I've verified a little bug with InDesign's Split Columns feature. Apparently if you try to split columns at the end of a story it just won't work. The solution is easy enough though: Add an extra empty paragraph to the end of the story. Split the column as you would normally. Delete the extra empty paragraph. I can't explain why it is that you need the extra paragraph there to make the column split, or why you can delete it immediately afterwards with no Read more [...]

Getting Text From Apple Pages on a PC in a Pinch

The other day I brought a .pages file into a classroom. The problem is all the computers at the school use MS Windows, which can't open .pages files. Did I panic? Yes. Was all hope lost? Nope. It turns out that the .pages extension is just a fancy compressed file. That means you can simply change the ".pages" extension to ".zip" or ".rar" and get at the file contents. The simplest way to get at the text from there is to look in the folder called "QuickLook." There should be a PDF in that folder Read more [...]

Dead Simple PHP Calendar

I needed a calendar for a PHP project I was working on. I did a quick look around and found some promising solutions, but they all seemed way more complex than what I wanted. They also used tables, which are gross. This is a ridiculously easy way to get a calendar from php:function calendar($date=false){ $date_parts=(!$date)?preg_split("/[-]+/",$date):preg_split("/[-]+/",date('Y-m-d')); $year=$date_parts[0];$month=$date_parts[1];$day=$date_parts[2]; $time=mktime(0,0,0,$month,1,$year); $month_name=date('F',$time); $days_in_month=cal_days_in_month(CAL_GREGORIAN,$month,$year); $first_day=date('w',$time); $calendar=''.$month_name.' Read more [...]

Verizon and the Sale of the Customer

According to Verizon's latest update to their privacy policy, they will now "share" (i.e. sell) lots of information that may make customers uncomfortable. Verizon's changes to their privacy policy, one must assume the term privacy is being used ironically, includes sharing: Mobile Usage Information:Addresses of websites you visit when using our wireless service. These data strings (or URLs) may include search terms you have usedLocation of your device ("Location Information")App and device feature Read more [...]

iOS 5: Why I finally Jailbroke My iPod

First, I want to say that I love my iPod Touch. In Japan it was a constant companion. It was my map, my music, my entertainment during long commutes, my study aid, and a few other nice things along the way. Each very of iOS has brought with it a slew of enhancements that make it easier and more enjoyable to use. Unfortunately, each iteration of iOS brings something else as well, preloaded BS apps. While the available storage options have climbed, there is still just a scant 64gb peak. That means Read more [...]

Anaheim, California Schools Took Step onto the Slippery Slope of Eugenics

Cypress and Kennedy high schools in the Anaheim, California school district recently color coded students based on test scores. Every student was given a color coded ID card and binder. Besides creating a visible method for students to ostracize one another it also allowed the school the ostracize the students by giving the good test takers discounts and made the poor testers use a separate lunch line. This horrific practice was instated to create an incentive for students to improve their test Read more [...]

Japanese People Give a Shit (approx. $130,000USD)

If you read the news you may have read about a donation for disaster relief being found in a public toilet. Apparently it was in a plastic bag, hopefully sealed tight, along with a note saying it was for Tohoku relief efforts. Japanese people are peaches, and the fact that whoever discovered this chose not to pocket the money only goes to show how damn honest most people are in that country. Here's to wishing that the money gets to the right places to help people in a crappy situation. Read more [...]

Damn Liberals: Kids with Guns

Thanks to liberals it is no longer considered “smart” to have have kids play with loaded guns in bed. What a bunch of socialists!